Developer: ZeroTransform Based in Portland, Oregon

Release date: November 7th, 2023

Platforms: Meta Quest 2, 3, Pro

Website: https://VStreamer.Live

Regular Price: Free to try $5.99/mo

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Turn your Meta Quest into a full VTubing Studio. Livestream, or record video with this All-in-One VTuber solution. All from your Meta Quest 2, 3, or Pro! No complicated PC / Phone / Tracker setup needed.
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  • Stream directly from your Meta Quest to many platforms  including: YouTube, Twitch, Tik Tok, or anything with RTMP support.
  • Record Video from a third person to tell your story.
  • Includes settings to make editing your video simple and painless.
  • Supports several Avatar formats including VRM, Ready Player Me, and Meta.
  • Optional full body tracking with supported motion capture hardware including: Mocopi, Persepction Neuron, OptiTrack.


  • Codecs:  H.264 / H.265 and saved as .MP4
  • Resolutions:  720p / 1080p in Portrait and Landscape
  • Framerates:  24, 30, 60*
  • Green Screen background option for easy compositing and editing

*Dependent on Quest model (EX: Quest 3)


  • YouTube with Chat support
  • Twitch with Chat support
  • User configurable RTMP (EX: Tik Tok)
  • All direct from the Meta Quest, no PC or additional software needed.


  • Stream from PC into VR as your background
  • Sub-second latency
  • OBS WebRTC Whip over local network (Requires v30+)
  • In-VR web browser for downloading content or as a background

Scene Design

  • Background Images:  2D and 360 sphere
  • Props:  In-app props with per object options
  • Scene Understanding:  Room scanning supported via Oculus Scene


  • Hand / Finger Tracking
  • Eye / Face Tracking (With Meta Quest Pro)
  • Full Body Tracking with Mocopi, Perception Neuron, or OptiTrack


  • Fully motion captured animations for your avatar
  • Full body expressions that augment with your movements
  • No additional tracking hardware needed


  • Native Meta Quest Avatar with access to editing within app
  • VRM avatars including VRoid models
  • Ready Player Me avatars with in-app editing
  • Download ReadyPlayerMe and VRM avatars with the in-app web browser or simply place them into your Quest via USB cable


  • Designed from the ground up for hand tracking
  • Contextual menus that react to the user’s actions
  • No controllers needed
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Why App Lab

VStreamer Live is a tool for anyone to be a content creator as a VTuber. We’re constantly building and refining VStreamer Live from the feedback and needs of the community. Being on the Meta App Lab gives us an opportunity to tune VStreamer Live for a broader launch on the Meta Quest main store. We’re also locking in our pricing for anyone who participates in the App Lab release to eliminate any concern of a price adjustment down the road.



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Vtuber demonstrating hand-tracking on Meta Quest
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History of ZeroTransform

ZeroTransform was founded in April of 2014. They’ve released a number of VR titles including Proton Pulse, Pulsar Arena, and the prototype of Vanguard V. ZeroTransform was nominated for the Best GUI, Best Interaction Design, Best Gameplay, and two nominations for Best Score in the 2014 Proto Awards. The small indie studio then focused on motion tracking technologies to advance VR training and cinematic presentation.  You can find more details on the ZeroTransform website at https://ZeroTransform.com

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Justin Moravetz

Founder // Creative Director

Karl Krantz

Product Manager