Turn your Meta Quest into an Avatar Content Creation Studio with VStreamer Live!

Record video to share / edit later, or livestream to YouTube and Twitch directly from your Meta Quest. Great for VTubing! All from your Meta Quest 2, 3, or Pro!

  • No complicated PC / Phone / Tracker setup needed.
  • Stream to many platforms including: YouTube, Twitch, Tik Tok, or anything with RTMP support.
  • Record Video from a third person to tell your story.
  • Optional Casting to / from OBS Studio for expanded functionality.
  • Supports several Avatar formats including VRM, Ready Player Me, and Meta.
  • Optional full body tracking with supported motion capture hardware including: Mocopi, Persepction Neuron, OptiTrack




VStreamer Live for VTubers v1.4 Released! Persona Avatar Upgrades!

VStreamer Live version 1.4 adds a LOT of functionality to avatars!
VStreamer Live is coming to Apple Vision Pro!
VStreamer Live v1.2 Released!

Content Created by VStreamer Live

Full Avatar Content Creation Studio for Meta Quest

  • Record Video for editing or Share directly
  • Stream Live to many platforms directly from your Meta Quest to:
    • YouTube
    • Twitch
    • Most RTMP Destinations
  • Optionally cast to / from OBS Studio to expand functionality
  • Intuitive control and full hand-tracking support, so you’re free to express yourself without any hassle
  • Support for built-in face-tracking when using Meta Quest Pro
  • Upgrade your performance with optional full-body motion capture support from:
    • Mocopi
    • Perception Neuron
    • OptiTrack


Supports avatars from:

Don’t have an avatar? Create one using the Quests built-in Meta avatar creator , ReadyPlayer.me‘s avatar creation tool, or use one of millions of available VRM avatars from sites like the VRoid Hub

You can download them directly from within VStreamer Live or upload them directly to your Meta Quest from a file manager like Side Quest


  • Adjust lighting and cameras
  • Customize your background with 360 images
  • Decorate your space with Props
  • Stream games, applications, or media from your PC directly into your Quest with OBS
VStreamer Live Logo

VStreamer Live Base


  • Record video to .MP4 (with watermark)
  • Stream Live to:
    • YouTube
    • Twitch
  • Download Avatars (VRM / Ready Player Me)
  • Built-in VR web browser
  • Full face, eye, and hand tracking on supported Quest hardware



VStreamer Live Logo

VStreamer Live for Creators

Includes everything in Basic and the following:

  • Watermark removal
  • Stream API integration for chat in VR.  Allows you to interact with chat in YouTube and Twitch.
  • Cast a PC into your VR background from OBS!  Great for gaming streams.
  • Use the built-in web browser as your background.  Makes reacting to web content a breeze.
  • Full Body Motion Capture support with:
    • Perception Neuron
    • Mocopi
    • OptiTrack

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