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New Quest features:

  • Meta Quest 3 now has Inside Out Body Tracking (IOBT) – this allows for a fuller range of upper body tracking, which means you can be more free and easy with your movements (without worry about glitching).
  • Meta Quest Pro now has tongue tracking, for avatars that have that capability.

New app features:

  • Download props and scenes directly from Sketchfab using the in-app browser – no need to interrupt your flow
  • Now you can load and save states. Set up your space to your liking, save it, and come back to it exactly the way you made it.
  • Capture 360 degree images as a background. What’s great about this is you can use a bunch of 3D assets to build a scene, and then take a 360 degree screenshot to use as a flat background that takes up WAY less processing space.
  • News SHAPES section!  If your VRM avatar comes with facial expressions, you’ll have access to the full list – not just the ones we have in the expression wheel. This also includes support for VRChat facial expressions.
  • Upgraded body tracking: choose between Inside Out Body Tracking (IOBT) or 3 Point Tracking
  • IOBT works best with the Quest 3 and gives you full upper body tracking
  • 3 Point Tracking (using headset and hands) is still the best option for the Quest 2 and Quest Pro
  • Streaming now has resolution options.

Bug fixes:

  • Recording video now has better sync with audio
  • No more “hall of mirrors” effect when using First Person View