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Streaming to Twitch

Welcome! Here’s the easiest way to stream to Twitch in VR, directly from your Meta Quest headset using VStreamerLive! Watch the video above, or read the text below.

  1. Start up VStreamerLive and select STREAM from the left side of your menu panel.
  2. Select the Settings tab, and select Twitch from the drop down menu.  Now, you will see an empty field for your stream key. While you could technically enter it manually with the virtual keyboard, that’s a kind of a headache. We much prefer using the web portal on a PC for this initial setup.
    • First, select the little globe button from the bottom row of the menu panel, and note the IP address listed under OBS Stream Cast to VR. This is your Meta Quest Local IP address.
    • Now, go to your computer web browser, making sure it’s on the same WiFi as your headset, and go to
    • Enter the IP address from step 2.1, and hit Submit.
    • Next, go to Twitch and copy your stream keyif you know how to do this already, you can skip to the next step. Open up Twitch in your web browser, and select Video Producer from the menu in the top right corner. Select Settings from the left-hand menu, and click Stream. There, you will find your Primary Stream Key. Hit the Copy button, and return to the VStreamerLive Web Portal.
    • Now, in the VStreamerLive Web Portal, go to STREAM SETTINGS. Select Twitch from the drop down menu, paste your stream key into the empty field, and hit Submit. If it works, you’ll see a little “success” message.
  3. Return to VStreamer Live on your headset – you’ll see now that your stream key has been entered for you! 
  4. If you plan to use chat, enter your Channel ID.
  5. Now, whenever you’re ready, hit START STREAM – and you’re live!
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